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I have bad information just for you.
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I got admission to all of your data, communication messengers, social media, connections, e mail and so forth.
My computer virus up-dates fingerprints and is invisible to anti virus applications.

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In case you have any doubts, I am able to make a couple of clicks and videos will be shown to everyone you know.

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I can damage your status forever.

I do believe you actually do not wish this to occur, considering the character of the video you like to watch, you know what I mean, it will be a true disaster for you. Now let’s solve that in this way: you transfer me 1000 USD (in bitcoin corresponding to the swap price during the time of transfer), & I’ll instantly erase everything.

Afterward, we will ignore one another. I also guarantee to de-activate & remove all viruses out of your devices.

Keep in mind that I usually keep my own word. Here’s my btc address: bc1ql7rvhas7wncly87kx5zxrfr8c52mt8qgf9r2qm

You have Two working days from the moment you view this particular email.

If you don’t send cash, your videos and all your computer data will be published on the Internet for all individuals as well as your loved ones. I’ll damage your status forever.

Do not try to find me and don’t contact law enforcement and other security services, or else your computer data will be published.

I know many insider secrets about you, therefore in case your reputation is worthy, bear in mind that I am able to wreck it forever.